Communicate with his teachers as soon as possible to inform them your child is home sick and about how long you anticipate he will be out of school.  Ask for any missed work or assignments to be sent to you via email, links, Google classrooms, etc.  Even knowing what the next topic is that your child will be learning can be helpful.  Is the class learning about the Battle of Cowpens?  Erik Erikson’s Theory of Development?  There will likely be a video or two on YouTube or a Crash Course video on the topic available online.

Certainly your child will be resting and miserable for the first few days of the flu.  But as he starts feeling a little better, he can start doing some school work in short sessions throughout his day in between rest.  It may alleviate some of the anxiety of missing school to keep up with some assignments.  And, when they start feeling better and will want to go out to do something after having been cooped up inside for days, they won’t have so much work to do.
When your child returns to school, he should meet with each teacher to create a Master To Do list of work that needs to be completed along with a timeframe and schedule for completing each item.  Make arrangements for tutoring from the teacher or a classmate to help learn new concepts.  Taking it one day at a time and spacing out the missed assignments will help it from being so overwhelming.
Keep in mind that the flu can take a while to recover from completely, so do not overdo it and remember to rest.  Don’t go back to school or a full schedule too soon!