Parent counseling provides parents with the tools, knowledge, and skills that they need to equip them to be better parents.

Parent Counseling

Parenting is the hardest job there is.  In addition to taking care of your child’s daily needs, parenting involves helping each child develop the life skills, social skills, and appropriate behaviors to be happy and successful in life.  It can often feel overwhelming.  Beginning with the consultation, new ways to manage behavior or support your child are often discussed.  Dr. Bell is a licensed school psychologist and can counsel parents on a variety of common family and behavioral issues including

  • establishing household routines
  • chores and responsibilities
  • disciplining
  • providing academic support
  • managing homework
  • school motivation
  • school anxiety
  • managing ADHD symptoms
  • handling temper tantrums
Parent counseling

Dr. Bell typically does not do counseling directly with the child. Instead, she meets with the parents to teach them skills and develop strategies to empower them to be more effective parents.

What our clients say

Dear Dr. Bell,
Thank you so much for the time you invested working with Jack. It was very evident that you, genuinely, wanted to see him improve his reading skills and behavior.  Moreover, you were such a welcomed support for me, too. Your counseling and willingness to offer me additional support services was much appreciated.
Thank you.

–a grateful parent

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