ETS offers the Reading REWARDS program as an individual tutoring option where students are taught strategies to increase speed and accuracy with reading and spelling multi-syllabic words.   Students learn strategies that have been effective for building oral and silent reading fluency, reading comprehension, academic vocabulary, and student confidence.  This program is designed for students from grades 4 through 12.

This is what one parent said last summer: “My daughter had some vision problems that we did not discover until she was in 3rd grade. Although she was able to read, she missed some of the fundamentals that she needed to properly decode and sound out words. Dr. Bell was able to ‘catch her up’ over the summer on the skills that she had missed over the last several years. Her reading fluency increased and her confidence improved! She now enjoys reading and that makes this parent very happy!”

Not sure if this program would be helpful for your child? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bell for a FREE reading screening to assess his/her skills. Call Dr. Bell at 810-9202