We offer online tutoring for students who are unable to make it to one of our tutoring centers.

Online Tutoring

Your child can get the benefits of ETS tutoring without having to leave the comfort of home—a great solution if you live a distance from tutoring centers or have a schedule that precludes you from being able to get here!  Our online tutors are the same dedicated tutors you’ll find at our centers, and they are available for your child on a schedule that fits your needs.  You can also “mix it up” by tutoring one day per week in the center with your tutor and meeting them a second day online.  We can work out an individual plan that works best for you and your family.

How online tutoring works…Every online tutoring session is live through the computer.  Your child and his/her tutor work together in real time, talking to each other throughout the session. This allows your child to ask questions and get instant feedback and encouragement.

Online tutoring

Set up is easy too. All you need is a PC with Windows and high-speed internet connection. We will lend you the other equipment that you need (with a refundable deposit).

Our online tutoring allows for easy scheduling with no drive time with the same one-on-one attention that you love about ETS tutoring.

What our clients say

Online tutoring is really helping me transition to college. My tutor helps me with time management and organizing my study time. When I am confused, she is able to help me understand my assignments better.

– Long-Distance College Student

Contact us today at 843 810-9202 to set up online tutoring for your student!