Does my child need to have a diagnosis to come to your center?

All children and families needing support are welcome at ETS. Our clients vary in age (K4 through college) and come to ETS for help with different needs. Some students receive reading help with Wilson tutoring (our reading program focused on decoding and encoding) or REWARDS tutoring (our reading program for 4th through 12th graders who struggle with fluency and reading longer words). Others attend for individualized tutoring designed specifically for your child’s needs in academic content and specific subjects. We also provide assistance with: homework, academic coaching, test prep for the SAT or ACT, and summer assignments. We accommodate students who have learning challenges as well as students who do not.

Is ETS only for children with “academic” problems?

No. As a school psychologist, Dr. Bell and her staff can work with the family on a wide variety of needs. For example, concerns discussed in the consultation could be related to academics, attention, school or performance anxiety, routines at home, managing homework, school motivation, social skills, confidence, communication with your child, developmental concerns, and more.

Do you have to attend Pinewood Preparatory School to attend the Summerville ETS center?

Our Summerville center is located at Pinewood Preparatory School; however, we are open to the public. As a convenience for Pinewood students, older students can be tutored during study hall while younger students who may be too tired after a long school day can be tutored during their regular school day.

Is there one package or set of services with a set rate at ETS?

The whole point of ETS is that we individualize services to each child and family’s needs, and there are no set packages or services. There are also no long-term contracts for tutoring so students may stop tutoring at any time.


How often would my child come to tutoring?

All of our tutoring is individualized which is one of our strengths as a company. Tutoring is planned according to an individual student’s needs. Factors that we take into consideration are: type of tutoring needed, the amount of material that needs to be covered, developmental level of a student, etc. With some students, we start out with more hours and try to reduce their hours as they progress, becoming more independent. The average student comes twice a week for one-hour sessions.

Can you help my high schooler prepare for his end of year exams?

Yes, our tutoring is individualized and we do provide tutoring to some students as needed for End of Course exams. However, most of our students come for several months to a year or more, depending on their needs. We can help students organize their materials, develop a study schedule, learn new new study strategies, and review material.

Do you help students with organization and time management skills?

Yes, many middle and high school students struggle with these skills as they manage multiple classes and teachers and as expectations for independence increase. We provide academic coaching to these students to teach organizational skills, time management, study skills, etc.

Does my child need testing before he can be tutored?

No. In fact, a consultation is the first step at ETS and only a small percentage of our clients are actually tested. The consultation is a very thorough interview to discuss all concerns and student history. Next, the parents and learning specialist develop and coordinate a plan of action that best meets the needs of the student. That plan may be to go straight to tutoring, academic coaching, or SAT/ACT prep. On the other hand, in some cases, that plan may include suggestions such as individual tutoring, behavior management at home, continued counseling support for parents, or testing. With your permission, ETS can also provide a network of communication among our ETS team, the parents, and teachers. We also make referrals to other professional services as needed.

What are the options for my child who has after school activities and cannot be tutored at one of the ETS centers?

Depending on the student’s needs and age, we do offer online tutoring for students who are unable to make it to our Summerville or Mount Pleasant center. We also provide off-site tutoring at a few public libraries for some students. Because we believe in individualized services, we will develop a plan for your child’s specific needs and schedule.

How is ETS tutoring different from other tutoring companies?


How much is the testing at ETS?

The cost of testing varies widely. If testing is deemed helpful, there are several options available. Assessment may include: classroom observations for initial information and making a plan from there, an ADHD screening if academic skills are not a concern, a reading assessment to evaluate different skills and see if he/she is on grade-level, an academic battery to measure grade-levels for curriculum planning for homeschooling, or a full battery of testing. How much testing is needed is individualized for your concerns. Prices will vary depending on how much testing and time is involved. Testing is not recommended for all clients, in fact, only a small percentage of our clients are recommended for testing.

Why should I choose ETS for my child’s testing?

ETS students are tested by a licensed and certified PhD-level school psychologist who is available to conduct classroom observations, interview teachers,and obtain rating scales which provide valuable input from the school and teachers. ETS testing utilizes thorough testing batteries and results in comprehensive reports (typically 10-15 pages, depending on the battery) that include individualized recommendations.

There are no waiting lists for appointments at ETS. Most testing is scheduled within a few weeks of the initial parent consultation. Meetings to discuss results are scheduled within two weeks after all data collection. We believe in sharing results with parents as soon as possible.

Does ETS accept health insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept health insurance. We do, however, provide families with a receipt that enables them to file their own insurance for possible reimbursement.