Q: Why is it important for students to learn their math facts when they have access to calculators?

A:  While it might seem “old school”, learning math facts to fluency and mastery (i.e., quickly) level is still a very important skill.  Math facts are addition, subtraction, multiplication, or even division problems that students should be able to recall within a few seconds. Why is this important?   Learning math facts develops their number [...]

Q: How can I help develop problem solving skills in my child?

A: Problem solving is the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues. Children learn to problem solve at an early age. Toddlers problem solve when they are learning to maneuver about in their world. From how to hold a spoon, or stack blocks, or putting their arms into sleeves, children begin the process [...]

Tips for helping your child keep up with his school work when he is home with the flu (or anything else)

Communicate with his teachers as soon as possible to inform them your child is home sick and about how long you anticipate he will be out of school.  Ask for any missed work or assignments to be sent to you via email, links, Google classrooms, etc.  Even knowing what the next topic is that your [...]

When should my child start taking the SAT or ACT?

At Education and Testing Solutions, we suggest that the best time for students to take both tests is the summer after they have taken Algebra 2 or in the fall of their 11th grade year, whichever comes first. They should take both tests to see which one they find easier and best suits their skills. [...]

Ideas for Supporting your Child’s Reading

At home, cultivate a joy of learning and joy of reading—you are the most important influence and role model for your children in this way!  Encourage your children to choose reading as an activity when you have free time—turn off the TV and the videogames. When going on a car trip or will be at [...]

Holiday Tips from ETS

The holidays are filled with fun family activities but can lead to meltdowns in children (even in adolescents in the form of grumpiness). Here are some tips to keeping it fun: Children should be kept on their sleep (and nap) schedule as much as possible. Sure, we can stay up a little late to watch [...]