Academic Coaching

This service is intended for middle school, high school, and college students to develop strategies to become more effective and efficient learners.

Academic Coaching – Study Smarter!

Academic Coaching is a type of individualized tutoring that focuses on the process of learning.  With their tutor, students examine their learning styles, habits of working, and current challenges or obstacles to success. Together, the tutor and student work to create and put in place more effective strategies for learning.  The goal is to increase awareness of learning styles, new study strategies, and work habits that create a more effective and efficient approach to learning and studying.  We strive to study smarter, not harder! Another essential part of the academic coaching model is the accountability of the student to the tutor to follow-through with the plan and strategies that they together put in place.

An academic coach may help your student with…

  • Monitoring assignments.
  • Teaching effective calendar use and how to make a list of “Things to Do.”
  • Learning how to break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable “chunks”.
  • Looking at daily/weekly schedules to help plan ahead for papers, homework time, and tests–valuable time management skills.
  • Reviewing past tests and quizzes to determine common mistakes or difficult areas.
  • Examining and strengthening study skills, such as reading for comprehension, developing a successful writing process, taking and reviewing notes, preparing for tests with every class and each reading assignment, and managing the test taking process.
Academic Coaching

What our clients say

Coming to ETS helps keep me organized and on track with my assignments.

I have learned better ways to study, and my grades have gone up!

– high school student

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