Watch this video to hear one family's story with dyslexia and tutoring....

We brought our son to Dr Bell because we were concerned with his reading skills.  As he is almost finished with high school, we were alarmed that we were “late to the game.”  At our request, she was very expeditious.  She was also thorough in her testing.  She gave us a very detailed diagnosis and a comprehensive remediation plan to put our son on the right path to read better, attain lifelong literacy skills and perhaps even enjoy reading, something he had been avoiding his whole life because it was such a struggle for him.  BONUS:   Dr Bell is very personable and kind – our son enjoys working with her, so this experience has been positive in every respect.  Highly recommend her and ETS!! -- an ETS parent
I would highly recommend Dr. Bell and her staff to work with your child!  Dr. Bell provided testing and tutoring services to my son, and she was both patient and caring. My son is a special needs child, and she went above and beyond to engage him and make the tutoring sessions interesting.  Moreover, she worked out a special time for him to ensure that no other distractions would impede his ability to learn.  Additionally, during the testing phase, she accommodated him by testing him in shorter time frames.  Finally, she was extremely thorough when meeting with my husband and me to discuss the results of testing.  If your child has the opportunity to work with her, or any of her staff members, he or she will receive services from a caring, patient, and professional team.  -- an ETS parent

Dear Dr. Bell, 
Thank you so much for the time you invested working with Jack.  It was very evident that you, genuinely, wanted to see him improve his reading skills and behavior. 
Moreover, you were such a welcomed support for me, too.  Your constant contact and willingness to offer me additional support services was much appreciated.  
Thank you. --a grateful parent

During my first year of medical school, Dr. Bell met with me and officially diagnosed me with Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). After struggling throughout college, it was a relief to have an explanation for why I was different and finally get appropriate treatment. I am a newly graduated M.D. Magna Cum Laude, and I know I could not have done it without Dr Bell's help. Thank you!!

Currently, Amy has a 97 in math, a 100 in science and a 100 in social studies.  She has really "upped her game" and is working harder than I have ever seen! She is really gaining a lot of confidence and I couldn't be more proud of her! She is doing awesome!  Thank you for everything you are doing to help her in tutoring, it is really making a big difference! -- 5th grade public school teacher

I am a sixteen year educator and have worked with Dr. Bell for the past seven years.  I would want her handling my struggling child's case.  I know that she would conduct thorough educational testing, deliver results in an easy to understand manner, collaborate with my child's teachers, and provide tutoring to ensure my child's success! --
Meredith Butterworth, M.A., NBCT, S
chool Counselor

Dr. Bell, I just wanted to let you know that Michael read at a DRA level of 16 for this second 9 weeks!  I am so proud of him.  I know you guys worked with him last summer with the Wilson Reading program.  You helped provide him with an amazing foundation that has ensured his success in first grade this year. -- 1st grade private school teacher

My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia a year ago. My husband and I were lost on how to help her. She has never been motivated to do extra work on her own. Reading was considered a punishment. Homework was a nightly fight and receiving a" B" was the best news.
We started the Wilson tutoring program with Dr. Bell. What she has learned was that tutoring was helping her, she was smart, and she could make good grades.
But this isn't the end to the story....One night last week I was checking on all the children before I went to bed. There was a light coming out of her room. I was ready to fuss--I just knew she was playing a video game or something like that. When I yanked her covers off of her, there she sat with a flashlight reading a book! My heart just soared. This was my baby who previously refused to read!
Thank you for the opportunities that you have given my daughter. The skills that you have taught her are life skills that are changing her life forever.
A grateful parent