The first step for clients at ETS is the consultation. This is a meeting between Dr. Bell and the parent(s) and involves a comprehensive interview and discussion about the client's educational, social, behavioral, familial, organizational, and medical information to gain an understanding of the client's strengths and weaknesses. Together, Dr. Bell and the parent(s) will develop and coordinate an individualized plan of action addressing the client's needs. This plan could include anything from review of previous testing (including school assessments), the development of behavioral intervention plans, questions to ask your student's teachers and school, to referrals to other professionals.

Most consultations are face-to-face meetings but also could include phone consultations or skype consultations for clients who are not readily available to come to our office.

The consultation meeting is not intended for the student to be present unless it is an older client and it is appropriate to do so (which will be discussed and decided upon when you make your appointment). Please bring any report cards, previous testing, work samples, etc. that will be helpful.