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Tips for Getting Homework Done

posted Feb 24, 2017, 8:28 AM by Nancy Bell
Do you dread homework time in your house?  You are not alone!  Here are some tips to encourage better work habits for your child and reduce frustration in your home...
  • Select a specified area for homework.  Reduce distractions - no TV, no cell phones, etc.
  • Get a container from the Dollar Store and fill it with pencils, pens, crayons, erasers, ruler, etc...anything they could need for their homework so there is no excuse like "I have to find a ruler." When homework is done, the supplies go back in the container and are stored until tomorrow.
  • Consider using a timer. A lot of students do not realize how much time they waste with distractions.  Ask your child how long the math homework should take. Then set the timer for that long to see if her prediction was realistic. Often this type of self-monitoring is effective in making them aware of their behavior and changing it.
  • Have an immediate reinforcer available for the student when their homework and studying is done. This can be anything from the opportunity to watch one episode of their favorite show, video game time, special snack, etc. For teenagers, this is when they get their cell phone back to check in with their friends. Change the reinforcers or let them pick from a list so they do not bored with them.
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