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The New SAT!

posted Feb 27, 2016, 6:43 AM by Marlana Preston
Press Release--High school students registered to take the SAT this spring will find a redesigned test with new content, a new format and a new scoring system.

“It’s all brand new,” said Dr. Nancy Bell, owner/director of the Summerville-based Education and Testing Solutions (ETS). “There are so many changes from the old SAT. Students are going to have to prepare in a whole new way.”

She and Marlana Preston, ETS Coordinator of Tutoring, have studied the new format and created a new test prep curriculum geared to boost student success. Beginning in April, ETS is offering classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 p.m. with a maximum of four students per class to provide the highest level of instruction.

So what’s different about the SAT? There are no more fill-in-the-blank or analogy questions based largely on the memorization of vocabulary words, according to Preston. Instead, students will use analytical and reasoning skills in answering reading questions.

In a portion of the math section, Bell said students are no longer allowed to use a calculator. “In middle school, kids start using calculators and many become really dependent on them,” she said. 

And what about the 50-minute essay portion? It’s now optional! There is an additional fee for students who wish to take the essay portion, but those points will not be included in the final SAT score. Bell recommends signing up for the essay only if it is required by a student’s college of choice. 

To familiarize students with the new test, ETS is now registering high school students in SAT test prep classes where they will learn test-taking strategies and engage in content review. Additionally, students will learn tools for managing test anxiety. The test prep classes include timed practice tests as homework to implement the strategies learned in class.

Bell, a licensed and certified school psychologist, opened ETS in January 2015 on the campus of Pinewood Prep. She and Preston have worked together for 11 years and estimate they have helped hundreds of kids. ETS is open year round for educational consultations, testing and tutoring services.  For more information, call (843) 810-9202 or visit   #newSAT #SATprep #testprep #ETS #DrNancyBell