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Q: Where should my child study or do his homework?

posted Sep 24, 2015, 7:52 AM by Marlana Preston
A:  That is a great question with no straight answer unfortunately.  These are the things you need to consider...does your child need total quiet, or does he need some stimuli?  If silence works best, get earplugs, and find a place to study with minimum distractions--away from siblings, TV, and other noise.  If he does better with some background music and stimulus, he can listen to music, preferably something without lyrics that may distract him.  Unless needed for research or an assignment, most, if not all, students do better without electronics such as their phone which can easily distract them with texts or Instagram.  Students cannot multi-task as well as they think!.  Their electronics should be in another room or turned off completely when doing their work.  They will be done quicker and will have learned better which, in the end, will give them more time to check in with their friends.