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Q: What types of evaluations can be done at ETS?

posted Feb 15, 2017, 4:09 PM by Nancy Bell
A:   There is a wide variety of evaluation components.  We can do any of these components, or all of them for a comprehensive battery.  Evaluations may include....
* Classroom observations--ever wonder how your child behaves in class?  Is he focused?  Does he participate?
*  IQ testing--what is your child's ability level?
*  Cognitive testing--How does your child learn and think?  How are his short-term and long-term memory?  How does he process visual information and auditory information?
*  Reading skills--Does your child struggle with decoding words?  Can he decode but not comprehend what he reads?  How is his fluency?
* Math skills--what are his strengths and weaknesses?  Is he on grade-level?
* Writing skills--How are his spelling skills?  How are his written expression skills?
* Rating scales (teacher, parent, and/or self-reports)--Does your child struggle with emotional issues?  Does he have ADHD?  How are his social and adaptive skills?

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