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Q: How can I get my high school senior to be more motivated about school?

posted Mar 22, 2015, 5:16 PM by Nancy Bell
A: What are your senior's goals and plans for after high school? Have him or her talk with the school guidance counselor to develop a goal and discuss the steps needed to reach that goal-whether attending college and needing certain grades and SAT/ACT scores, entering the military and needing certain skills for his/her desired career choice, or entering the job force with certain skills and recommendations from teachers. Often hearing information from another adult, who is not a parent, can make a difference. Also, sometimes working with an academic coach can be helpful. The coach can work on motivation by developing goals and monitoring steps towards those goals. That accountability factor of checking in with his/her coach can be beneficial. Academic coaches also help students monitor assignments and break them down into manageable chunks, help with time management and organization skills, and develop effective study skills. Development of these skills have lifelong benefits.