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Q: Are flashcards really a good study strategy?

posted Oct 14, 2015, 1:19 PM by Nancy Bell
A:  I like them!  The making of the cards themselves, deciding what is important, etc. counts as already reviewing the material once.  Flash cards also allow for studying in both directions.  For example, from term to definition or from definition to term.  There are additional benefits--flashcards are easy to transport in a zipped plastic bag and pull out when driving in the car or waiting on team practice.  Also, with flashcards, the student can make two piles as they review them--things I know well, things I still need to review.  Students then see improvement and can focus other sessions on the material they really need to review.  After the test, flashcards can be stored in an inexpensive recipe box so in a few months, when they are studying for the final exam, they are ready to review! 
Warning....flashcards are NOT beneficial if made the night before the test when there isn't time to review them appropriately and most of the time is spent just making the cards themselves.